How we operate

We believe being clear and up front is the key to success in any business relationship. That’s why we want you to know exactly how we manage our design, web and branding projects.
  1. The introduction – At our first meeting, we will discuss your project in detail. This helps us gain understanding of what you are looking to achieve, and how we can help you achieve it. At the end, we should have enough information to create a brief for your project.
  2. The number crunching – This is the point where we get our abacus out to determine how much your design project will cost, and how long it will take us to complete it. There are a few things that come in to play here, some of which may be how many stock images are required, the cost of professional printing, your deadline, and of course, your budget. Once we have crunched the numbers, you will receive a detailed proposal which breaks down the entire design project.
  3. This is where you come in! – Depending on your project, we may need you to help us out by supplying any text / copy, and images you would like to use. Also, we need to make sure what we are designing reflects your company’s existing brand, so if you have a style guide, please send us a copy of that too.
  4. All systems go – We now have everything we need to make a start. We will go ahead and prepare a first draft. Once it is complete, we will send the artwork through for your review.
  5. Revision phase – All of your comments and feedback are taken on board, and we’ll go back and make any requested amendments.
  6. Final version – By this stage, all the changes have been incorporated and things should be reasonably close to being complete! There may be a few minor tweaks here and there, however any further significant changes at this point will be charged at our regular hourly fee.
  7. Launch time – If your project is a website, we will go ahead and launch it for everyone to see, and if the project is print related, we will go ahead and send it through to our printer. (We can manage the entire print process on your behalf too!)
  8. The bill – Everything has now been completed, and provided you are happy with everything, we will send you an invoice which will reflect our initial quotation.