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“We need a logo designed, how much will it cost?”

This is a question I get asked quite often, and it is usually from people emailing me through the horgancreative website. Most of the time, I seem to get the feeling they they are trawling google, emailing all the design agencies in town trying to get the cheapest quote.


On one hand, I appreciate their enquiry and I am more than happy to help them out with their requirement for a new logo, but on the other hand, I feel obligated to inform them that they should really be considering a complete branding solution, and not just a logo. You see, a logo is not a brand, and a brand is not a logo.

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Brand Identity Style Guides – Do I need one?

Over the last few months I have written a couple of blog articles about the importance of branding, and why it is such a great investment for businesses large and small.

Your brand essentially acts as your business’ personality, and it has never been more important. Consumers want to be able to engage with brands, so having only a logo and a basic colour scheme just scratches the surface of creating a dialogue with your customers and clients.

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Powerpoint tips to make your presentations excel

PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Over the years I have seen many a PowerPoint presentation. From a visual standpoint some of them have been amazing, whilst others have been diabolical.

PowerPoint is a commonly used tool in the corporate world, and like all other elements of a company’s brand, the humble PowerPoint presentation shouldn’t get overlooked. Used correctly, it is just as important as your corporate website or business card and can be a very powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

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Solid online and offline branding is crucial for small businesses to reach their potential.

Let’s imagine for a minute you have just discovered that you have a dripping tap in your kitchen. You need a plumber, right? So you jump on the computer, go to google and begin searching for a plumber in your area to fix your tap.

You find two plumbers, and they both have an identical call out rate and hourly fee. The first plumber has a very bland website littered with typos, and to make matters worse there isn’t even a logo. In fact, it looks like he had his son knock it up during the last school holidays.

On the other hand, plumber number two has a clearly defined brand and identity. Their website is easy to navigate and straight away they come across as being more professional and competent.

So, who are you going to choose? You have no idea who is the better plumber, but you feel like plumber number two seems like they are going to do a better job because of their brand and the visual cues you have picked up from them.

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Brand, logo and Identity… it’s all the same thing right?

The short answer is no. This is a rather large and complicated topic, so we’ll deal with the basics!

Brand, logo and identity all serve different purposes in the overall marketing strategy, however these terms are often interchanged with each other.

So, lets start with the idea of a “brand”. A brand is constructed from the overall perception people build of a business or product. Brand is not limited to a specific element as such, but more an overall view of the entire sum of parts. In other words, a brand could easily be described as the personality of a business or organisation, and as such each element of the brand should somehow reflect the values and aims of the business. It’s also important to understand that the role of design is not to create a brand, but to build the foundation and steer the audience in the right direction of how they are supposed to perceive a business or product. This can be done through a variety of ways, some of which might include tone of voice and visual cues.

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It’s all part of the brand.

As a designer, I am always at a heightened state of awareness when I’m out shopping, at restaurants or just generally dealing with businesses on a day to day basis. I say “heightened state of awareness” – that kind of sounds like I’m expecting an attack of comic sans and rainbow gradients to fall from the skies. What I mean is that designers are always looking at different forms of design, branding and execution even when they take their designer hats off long after the lights in the studio have been turned off for the evening. Continue Reading