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As a designer, I am always at a heightened state of awareness when I’m out shopping, at restaurants or just generally dealing with businesses on a day to day basis. I say “heightened state of awareness” – that kind of sounds like I’m expecting an attack of comic sans and rainbow gradients to fall from the skies. What I mean is that designers are always looking at different forms of design, branding and execution even when they take their designer hats off long after the lights in the studio have been turned off for the evening.

One of the things that has recently caught my interest is the idea of intangible “things” becoming more and more important in the overall brand strategy. A great example of this is customer service. A business can spend as much money and time as they like on a new identity and a range of stationery, signage and brochures to match, but the power of all this can be quickly diminished if they fail to execute an acceptable level of customer service.

And here’s my story. I recently visited a retail business which is well known around Perth. I knew exactly what I was going there to purchase, so the discussion with the sales assistant was quite brief (yet she was still very helpful). After I had paid, instead of handing the bag over the counter and allowing me to leave she made the effort to get out of her chair, come around to the other side of the counter, hand me the bag and then walk with me to the door and open it for me.

This got me thinking about how so much value can be added to a business’s brand beyond the basics of identity and collateral. The more I thought about it, this idea of adding value of “intangibles” seems to sit in the crossover of design and marketing.

So what’s my point? Well that’s simple. If you are looking for inexpensive and relatively simple ways to add immense value to your brand, a great place to start is by looking at how you can improve on the little things. These are areas that your customer / client / end user will notice, they will remember it, and with a bit of luck they will come back. It’s just another way which your brand can be pushed beyond the visual elements to cement a stronger connection with your target market.

And there you have it. How to add value to your brand without spending a cent! Do you have any tips on how to enhance your brand? Post a comment below.

Chris Horgan

Chris Horgan

Chris Horgan is a Graphic Designer at horgancreative. When he's not designing, you'll either find him clad in lycra on a bike, on a basketball court or in front of the TV.

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    12 months ago

    Horgy, the Karratha general populace would do well to heed your fine words on value added service. It’s non-exist ant in this part of the world.

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