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Brand, logo and Identity… it’s all the same thing right?

The short answer is no. This is a rather large and complicated topic, so we’ll deal with the basics!

Brand, logo and identity all serve different purposes in the overall marketing strategy, however these terms are often interchanged with each other.

So, lets start with the idea of a “brand”. A brand is constructed from the overall perception people build of a business or product. Brand is not limited to a specific element as such, but more an overall view of the entire sum of parts. In other words, a brand could easily be described as the personality of a business or organisation, and as such each element of the brand should somehow reflect the values and aims of the business. It’s also important to understand that the role of design is not to create a brand, but to build the foundation and steer the audience in the right direction of how they are supposed to perceive a business or product. This can be done through a variety of ways, some of which might include tone of voice and visual cues.

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